1:1 Copy (more or less) of the Ultimaker  again?

1:1 Copy (more or less) of the @Ultimaker again?

830 Euro isn’t a bad price, although you will have to add Tax/Import

In fairness, integrating the LCD into the front panel is not-insignificant. The bigger question though, being a derivative, is where’s the source? I can’t find anything at the main product site - http://www.dreammaker.cc/index.html - but there are general hints of open source qualities in their Forum, via Google Translate.

I just saw the Printbed and it looks a lot like an Ultimaker, so my first, crazy assumption was: CopyCat. But sure you’re right - the LCD is a big deal

I don’t know if the LCD is a BIG deal but I did think it was nice and have been nagging Ultimaker to do the same. I’d recut the face of mine if I REALLY wanted to. Some people commented that straight on is the worst for the LCD. I don’t know. I actually thought there was some interesting aspects to this “copy” Is it a copy? They certainly don’t credit anybody.