K40 Laser   Original (Stock) Issues

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Alignment issue: Only off in top right corner. 4 August 20, 2018
I'm having an issue where my USB driver is corrupted and I cant use 2 August 19, 2018
Good morning, I have a new k50 and feel like I got it aligned 9 August 13, 2018
Please Help! I have a new K40 with a laser firing problem. 9 August 13, 2018
I have a laser which uses Lihuiyu M2 board and the way it works 6 July 31, 2018
Got a new K50 and I believe the communication hub/control board is faulty. 5 July 30, 2018
FLYBACK TEST: I really need the help of someone knowledgeable about these power supplies 18 July 27, 2018
I hadn't used my mostly stock K40 (I only modified the bed) in about 7 July 25, 2018
Long story short. Stock K40, CorelDraw/Laser. 2 July 25, 2018
Hi, I just bought a new K40. 14 July 24, 2018
what's the easiest circuit to swap the optical endstops on a K40 to a 9 July 23, 2018
Still need some help finding out what's going on ... 50 July 21, 2018
In fact of a stupid mistake I have broken my K40 :-( First of 9 July 16, 2018
Hi Everyone, Just joined the community and I see a lot of awesome things 6 July 15, 2018
So I'm working on getting my new K40 up and going, 3 June 24, 2018
so this happened yesterday... 5 June 22, 2018
FIXED FIXED FIXED... hey guys need some help getting my machine working again. 22 June 12, 2018
Hi all! I've bought a brand new k40 with a friend of mine, 12 June 6, 2018
Hi Everyone, I was wondering if any of you could direct me where I 5 June 3, 2018
It took me about 6 hours but I got my machine up and running 11 June 1, 2018
Hi all. I'm getting an issue with my K40 (the one with digital panel) 18 May 28, 2018
Can anyone recommend a good replacement for the craptacular ducting the lasers come with? 5 May 23, 2018
Incorrect cutting dimensions. Inkscape and K40 Whisperer through an M2 Nano board. 1 May 23, 2018
I was hoping someone could tell me what Im doing wrong here. 9 May 15, 2018
OK, I give up. 4 May 10, 2018
Need help.. running cermark on ss and not getting good adhesion after about 40 29 April 9, 2018
Hi all! My X carriage wiggles a little and I believe my drag chain 2 April 5, 2018
Hi all, is there anyone who can advise please? 8 April 4, 2018
Hi there, doese anybody of you have any experience with this problem? 4 March 28, 2018
I am working on a Cryptex puzzle box 6 March 24, 2018