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About the Air Assist category 1 February 3, 2019
Hello, i'm wondering what could I use to put out the flames appearing while 12 October 3, 2018
Hi Folks. New to the group. 9 August 8, 2018
I've been using the long air assist tube design from Thingiverse( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2421971 ) but 8 June 27, 2018
AIR ASSIST .. I found that using a 12 vt BOAT BLOWER MOTOR for 5 May 28, 2018
Got my new pump today based on recommendations from this group. 10 May 3, 2018
I have a question about Air Assist, 12 December 14, 2017
Question: What is the best way to wire an air-assist to allow the C3D 9 November 27, 2017
What air assist do people recommend that can clear the top of light object 3 September 21, 2017
Now what do you suppose a laser cutter hobbyist that had sleep apnea would 10 September 13, 2017
Anyone ever notice there's a playboy bunny on the cathode end of the 40w 6 September 5, 2017
Hi, I did some research but I'm still not sure about how many liters/second 5 August 29, 2017
I finally put the air assist head on my laser. 6 August 20, 2017
Here is a not too expensive air dryer for those having issues with moisture 4 June 9, 2017
How do you guys hand the air hose to the air asst? 4 May 16, 2017
so I ordered a air asst head for my laser cutter to help with 7 May 5, 2017
I want to add an air assist to my K40 but I'm having troubles 19 May 2, 2017
What is the best type of tube to get for air assist, 19 April 23, 2017
Need a little help/advise I am looking to upgrade from a k40 to the 3 April 18, 2017
I'm just getting around to setting up my K40, 16 March 27, 2017
I just installed the light object air assist and have a custom nail bed. 10 March 19, 2017
Said I'd do it a couple of day ago but done now. 8 March 4, 2017
Need a little bit of help I have been running my air assist off 4 February 1, 2017
What's the best method for an air assist upgrade? 11 January 17, 2017
Hi everybody. Brand new to the hobby. 7 January 16, 2017
So looking on removing my very loud air compressor from my air assist to 22 December 20, 2016
Lightobject Air Assist install video I found this video that explains how to install 1 November 28, 2016
Here is my K40. Just wanted to share. Cutting 5mm lauan plywood from HD. 1 November 6, 2016
So I am thinking I am going to need a new air compressor soon 3 October 27, 2016
I am just full of questions this morning ;) If you have one of 9 October 23, 2016