HercuLien and Eustathios

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Are they getting rid of Google+? Any ideas where we would have this community? 10 January 25, 2019
Golmart added a listing for the Eustathios Spider v2 compatible ballscrew. 19 January 19, 2019
If you are interested in a new hot-end or Bondtech SMG, 4 January 17, 2019
After i finished the Eustathios Spider V2 last year, 4 January 14, 2019
This seller may be able to make custom beds for the Eustathios! I have 9 January 14, 2019
Are any of you printing with PETG in your HercuLien? 21 January 2, 2019
Hey Guys, I got my Azteeg X3 setup and talking to my computer with 2 December 24, 2018
Me again! Does anyone know how to get the bondtech STL's? 5 December 17, 2018
Hey guys! Has anyone put a BL touch on their Eustathios warped plate and 12 December 12, 2018
Robots making robots... I decided to use Eric's models directly for the CAM. 4 November 26, 2018
Hello Eric Lien and all :) For a better alignment, 3 November 23, 2018
Misumi order is finally in and a big step closer to starting my Herculean 2 November 22, 2018
My Eustathios Spider V2 is stopping mid print. 3 November 14, 2018
Hey everyone, Im looking at building the Eustathios Spider V2 and looking at doing 2 November 7, 2018
Top panel finally done! Ran this guy 22 hours a day for a month 2 November 7, 2018
Time to order ballscrews for my Herculien build and recently saw a question related 6 November 4, 2018
Hey guys, as college is approaching, 10 October 30, 2018
Well, my pile is starting to grow! I'll be putting my order in to 2 October 29, 2018
Does anyone use a Z probe with their printer? 2 October 28, 2018
My BMG's should be arriving in a couple days. 7 October 27, 2018
My current bed setup is pei on a sheet of glass, 5 October 22, 2018
Its been kind of quiet in here lately...figured I would throw this out there 6 October 4, 2018
For those who use the Spyraflo self aligning bushings, 2 September 8, 2018
Hello I am cleaning out my work corner and would like to sell off 5 September 5, 2018
It has been awhile, 3 September 5, 2018
Eustathios folks- what kinds of speeds and feeds are you using ? 5 September 2, 2018
My Eustathios Spider V2 only likes to print Hatchbox PLA. 18 August 27, 2018
Hey guys! I do not know why is my printer stoping while it is 7 August 7, 2018
I would like to ask about earthing. 5 July 24, 2018
Just saw these. I have heard they don’t do anything on nice drivers. 4 July 21, 2018