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About the Modifications category 1 February 25, 2019
Golmart added a listing for the Eustathios Spider v2 compatible ballscrew. 19 January 19, 2019
I wanted to put this out there for folks- I FINALLY finished remixing Walter 10 June 20, 2018
Hey all just an FYI that I adapted Eric Lien's original Eusththios Spider 2 3 April 29, 2018
DO you ever just scare yourself with your printer, and after thinking about it, 1 March 1, 2018
I am trying to design a graduated thumbwheel for the bed leveling bolts. 11 February 17, 2018
Alternate Z bracket- I goofed when I ordered belts. 5 February 11, 2018
Real Estate! I am at the point that I need to decide the fate 4 February 8, 2018
Finally added part cooling fans I didn't want to glue the fans to carriage 8 January 26, 2018
If anybody wants to play around with a Chimera version of the carriage here 12 January 17, 2018
Really hate to ask as I know it's an easy thing to do, 7 November 30, 2017
Is there some particular reason the to use the Azteeg X5 GT over the 8 November 8, 2017
I'm ordering up my parts for my build and I'm stuck deciding between 8mm 6 October 26, 2017
Eric Lien I can't seem to find the sldprt files for the spool holders. 7 July 15, 2017
Hey all, just a quick note that I uploaded an "Improved Eusthathios Spider 2 1 April 17, 2017
Hey guys, getting ready to replace my aging kossel mini with a eustathios, 5 April 16, 2017
I have uploaded the model files for a direct drive carriage for the Eustathios. 5 April 15, 2017
Finally getting around to posting my most recent updates to my Herculien. 12 April 7, 2017
I have been slowly building my Eustathios from Eric Lien s design for awhile 15 April 3, 2017
Question, what would people recommend for increased Z height (500 mm), 7 March 21, 2017
Figure I should post something I have been testing for a few months now. 15 March 3, 2017
I had a lot of fun building my Eustathios! Thanks a lot Eric Lien 6 January 12, 2017
Has anyone posted a CAD model of the recommended ball screws anywhere? 6 November 6, 2016
Quick and simple mod for those people that (gasp) want to attach a Wade's 1 November 6, 2016
I've officially given up trying to resolve the conflicts with mine and Eric Lien 3 October 1, 2016
Hi everyone, I would like to put a solid state relays on my eustathios 7 August 16, 2016
I was thinking of building of printing the Herculien or Eusthios but to use 9 May 19, 2016
I made a low profile spool holder with parts who where laying around. 4 May 17, 2016
I own the Pegasus 12" printer and I would like to one from this 9 May 15, 2016
BLTouch I ve just ordered this little sensor from antclabs ,  might be a 12 March 28, 2016