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looks pretty good for the price. Might purchase next time. 1 November 3, 2017
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After some weeks, the PCBs of the g2core shield arrived. 20 August 11, 2017
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I need some help from you guys. 18 May 3, 2017
Hi Guys, i like to use the comand G64 but it dont work. 6 April 25, 2017
Originally shared by Frank Herrmann Hello Friends, 1 April 2, 2017
Hi Guys, I have been having issues for quite a while with my Tiny 4 March 31, 2017
Question: Are there any other software options for sending g-code to TinyG (v8) besides 6 March 29, 2017
I have just noticed the 'motor power level' setting ($1pl - $4pl chilipeppr parameters) 3 March 24, 2017
I'm still trying to get a good understanding of the process involves running my 4 March 21, 2017
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Hello Friends, i work on my XATC and found (maybe) a bug. 5 February 17, 2017
Anyone interested in using tinyg (via serial_port_json_server) with ros could use the module I 1 February 8, 2017
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TinyG2 in the Jungle Friends been playing around with TinyG2 and have come up 2 January 19, 2017
Setting up electrical Z-Probe in g2core on Arduino Due and gShield v5 i used 8 January 12, 2017