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OpenSLA Ares For users of Ares 3D printer, scanner, laser engraver and CNC engraver 4-in-1 to help each other. Software For questions about 3D printer software. Hardware For questions about 3D printer hardware. Quadrap Electronics For questions about 3D printer electronics GCodePrintr Guides/Reviews Add your how to guides or product reviews in this section. Show and Tell Show off your 3D printer builds and printed parts. News Share your 3D printer news here. Thing-Printer Anything related to Thing-Printer’s Replicape, Reach, Redeem, Manga Screen or Kamikaze. For quick responses, try slack Custom & RepRap
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Advanced User Tutorial

So apparently there is an advanced user tutorial run by Discobot. Just ran through it and picked up lots of great tips. Click on @discobot, select “Message” to start a new message and say “@discobot start advanced us…

16 June 26, 2019
Discourse New User Guide

Here is the Discourse Forums basic new user guide. It provides some of the same info as the Discobot tutorials but also some info not covered by the tutorials.

2 February 18, 2019
Getting Started

Welcome all! If you are new to Makerforums, let us help you get started: If you are coming here from Google+, please use the “Log in” button and click “with Google” so that the site recognizes you as the author of an…

3 March 2, 2019
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